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White cats with blue eyes: are they deaf and what are they like?

White cats with blue eyes are touching creatures that delight everyone around. What breeds of cats with blue eyes exist, are blue-eyed cats really deaf – our article will tell about all this.


Seeing a white cat with blue eyes, we are touched. Gray, blue, black and red cats are familiar to us, and meeting blue-eyed blond cats is a rarity.

White is associated with hope, purity and virtue. Meeting with a white cat has long been considered a good sign of fate. Many nations believed that the appearance of a white cat on the road is a long-awaited pleasant meeting or good news. Girls believed that this was for marriage, young women – for a long-awaited pregnancy.

The mystery of where white cats come from has long been solved by scientists. The peculiarity of white animals is that they are devoid of pigmentation. The determination of the future color of the kitten occurs in the womb. Whatever the shade of the parents of the future baby, if the white color in the animal is expressed by the dominant W gene, it will not allow the kitten to get a pigment of a different color. The baby will be born white, and his offspring may have a different color.

There are cats that only seem white to us. In fact, these animals have large white spots that simply merge into a single whole. If you look closely, there may be wool of a different color between them.

These cats are dominated by the S gene, which makes the animals piebald.

Do not confuse white cats with blue eyes and albino cats. They lack the pigment that colors the animal’s fur, skin, and iris. The main sign of an albino is red eyes. Due to the lack of melanin (coloring pigment), small blood vessels are visible through the colorless shell, which makes it seem to us that the eyes of the animal are red.

The development of felinology (the science of meowing pets) and genetics allowed breeders to breed white cats with blue eyes. This color is now considered the standard of many breeds of beautiful cats.

Deaf or not?

There is a claim that blue-eyed cats are deaf. Snow-white pets, indeed, are found completely or partially deaf, since the W gene, which dominates the rest of the genes of the animal, has pleiotropic abilities – it immediately affects the color of the coat, iris and the formation of hearing organs. This does not mean that absolutely all white cats with blue eyes will not hear you. Green-eyed, yellow-eyed and heterochromic (with different eye colors) kittens can also suffer from a similar pathology.

If you come across a white deaf cat, do not despair. Animals are kind and gentle. Active and sociable, such cats willingly play, hunt mice and rush around the apartment like ordinary cats. Determining that an animal is deaf can be very simple:

  • turn on the vacuum cleaner next to the kitten: a deaf animal does not respond to loud sounds;
  • the cat is very “loud”: it loudly sneaks behind the bird, digs in the tray, meows.

The behavior of an animal largely depends on its character and how well you will educate it. Such a cat does not require special conditions of detention, but when communicating with a deaf animal, it is important to remember the following nuances:

  • carefully open and close all the doors, otherwise you can cripple the cat – she does not hear your actions;
  • keep windows closed: a deaf cat has no sense of fear, it can jump down;
  • do not let the cat out alone, it is dangerous;
  • move around the house carefully, look under your feet so as not to step on the animal;
  • communicate with your pet with conditional gestures.

Deaf cats become very attached to their owners. They are completely dependent on people, they need constant help.

The owners of such cats are advised to get a friend for them – a second cat that hears. Animals will quickly make friends and will communicate with each other by touching their paws. A hearing cat always helps the other.



A beauty with a soft velvety fur coat. The cat’s body is strong, muscular, with powerful paws. On the muzzle there is a characteristic “smile” of the Cheshire cat. The ears of cats are erect, rounded, so do not confuse it with the Scottish Fold cat.

These cats do not require special attention. The exception is daily combing. It is more pleasant to do this than to sweep the wool out of the apartment every day. Despite the thick undercoat, it is necessary to protect the pet from drafts.

The nature of the animal is special. It dearly loves the owner, but can endure separation for a long time, without giving the appearance that it is longing. Does not favor children and other animals in the house, but does not conflict with them. It treats strangers coldly, but never rushes to scratch or bite.

If the cat does not want to communicate, calling her and catching her by forcibly holding is useless. The Briton can afford to caress himself only when he wants to. You can scold a cat and punish only at the moment of committing a “dirty deed”, otherwise she will not understand why she is so unmerciful to her. It is categorically impossible to beat thoroughbred British women: the animal is vindictive and will definitely come up with revenge for you.

Patience, affection and respect for the cat will make it your friend. She will be happy to play with you, always be nearby and give you her tenderness.

Maine Coon

Maine Coons are special cats. They are the largest and longest in the world, have fluffy long hair and a very thick undercoat that saves from severe frosts. Maine Coons are especially good with fluffy pants on their hind legs and a collar. The tail of the pets is simply gorgeous – like a white fan. The body of cats is muscular, strong, with long powerful paws.

By nature, Maine Coons are very good natured. They adore children, other animals living in the house, they are distinguished by dog ​​loyalty and devotion to their owners. Cats are mobile, rush around the apartment with toys, climb on all high cabinets.

The breeders of this breed say that the Maine Coon needs a “burrow” and a “mountain”. This means that the cat must have its own house, where it will rest, and a sports complex in the form of a scratching post with turrets of various heights, on which it will jump.

Wool from a pet in the house will be enough, it will be noticeable on dark clothes, so the cat needs daily combing.

Turkish angora

Blondes of this breed look very elegant. They have a slender body with well-developed muscles, a graceful long neck and a wedge-shaped head proportional to the body. The magnificent tail of extraordinary beauty resembles the feather of a snow-white fairy-tale bird.

The coat of the animal is long, but there is no undercoat at all. The “Snow Queen”, born in Turkey, does not need it. Angorkas shed very little and extremely rarely.

Animals are smart and accommodating, they love solitude and peace, they are not particularly playful and not too “talkative”. Suitable for those people who lead a measured lifestyle, without fuss and haste. Angoras do not require complex care. They carefully guide the marafet, not allowing the wool to roll into tangles.

foreign white

This is the only breed of shorthair cats that has only one color – white. Slender, long-legged, well-built cats are small in size. The maximum weight of an animal is about 5 kg. The fur coat can be boiled white, and the muzzle has a color like that of a Siamese cat, the progenitor of this breed.

Foreign whites are funny, kind and funny animals. Full of tireless energy, they are ready to play all day and, like a devoted dog, run after you around the house. The best place for them to rest is on your knees, neck and shoulders. They love to “talk heart to heart”, especially if there is something to complain about.

Cats are long-lived. With conscientious owners, a cat can live up to 20 years.


Representatives of this breed are the most fluffy. The head, body, tail and paws are all covered with soft hair, the length of which can be almost 12 cm. The body of Persian cats is squat, small, the legs are short. The weight of an average cat reaches 7 kg, and because of the fluffy fur coat, outwardly it looks like 15 kg.

Snow-white Persian beauties are trusting, inquisitive and calm. Fuss and endless noise is not about them. Persians prefer to spend time on your lap and are ready to relax on them for hours. Cats are indifferent to guests and children, they do not fight with other animals living in the house.

Without daily care, a white Persian cat will turn into an incomprehensible creature. If you are lazy, then this pet is not for you.

Devon Rex

These are amazing cats with a long oblong body, graceful high paws and cute soft curls on the body. You want to grab the charming Devon in your arms and cherish endlessly, stroking his snow-white curls. Devons are cheerful, good-natured, sociable and talkative. Their angelic look is fully consistent with their beautiful character.

Animals are endowed with high intelligence: they carry out simple commands of the owner, they are even able to bring slippers. They are faithful and kind friends for everyone who is close to them, they cannot stand loneliness, they suffer in separation from their family.

Subtleties of care

Like white human clothing, white cat fur gets dirty quickly. If the animal looks unkempt and untidy, it does not cause delight among others, but, on the contrary, disgust and pity. In order for your pets’ coat to please with radiant whiteness, cats need to be properly and regularly looked after.

By following the basic rules for caring for white cats, you will achieve the desired result.

  • Cleanliness in the house. Where a white cat lives, it should be perfectly clean. Moving under the table, sofa, climbing into secluded corners of the house, the animal collects dust on itself. Do wet cleaning daily.

  • The cat’s house, toilet, dishes should also always be clean. Bowls must be washed after each use of food, in the tray you need to change the filler in time. Remains of food, dirty lumps of filler stick to the paws of the animal and spoil its white fur.

  • Bathing. Washing cats is a mandatory and important procedure. It is necessary to bathe whole furry pets at least 3 times a month, and it is desirable to turn washing of paws and muzzles into a daily ritual.

So that bathing is not stressful for the animal, teach him to bathe from infancy. For cat breeds that love water (Devon Rex and Maine Coon), this is not difficult.. Fluffy pets who are not enthusiastic about this procedure, carefully wipe with special napkins.

Grooming a white cat requires a whole arsenal of special tools that maintain the shine and white color of the coat:

  1. degreasing pastes, creams – they are applied to the legs, chest, pants and tail of the animal, and then washed off;
  2. cleansing shampoo – used after degreasing;
  3. whitening shampoo – diluted 1:5 with water and applied to the coat for 10-15 minutes;
  4. softening balm – apply for 5 minutes and rinse thoroughly.

    • washing. Cats need to wash their eyes daily. Don’t let ugly brown smudges spoil charming white muzzles.

  • Combing. Brush your cats daily to reduce shedding and avoid tangles. It is especially important to comb the Persians. Representatives of this breed cannot properly lick themselves.

  • Feeding. The diet of a cat has a direct effect on the color of its coat. Brightly colored vegetables can cause white coats to turn yellow. Liver gives the same effect: heart, kidneys, liver. If these products are not on the menu of the animal, and the coat continues to turn yellow and fade, show the pet to the veterinarian. It is possible that the cat has problems with the kidneys and liver.

Take care of your pets with love, and their snow-white coat will always remain beautiful.

About white cats are described in the video below.