American Bully - history and breed standard, what are the types, features of the content

People who have experience with fighting dogs will love the new breed, the American Bully. The dog is endowed with all the positive qualities of the ancestors and at the same time is less aggressive. This allows those who want to get a formidable outwardly and at the same time friendly pet to start it.

American Bully – description of the breed

This type of dog was bred relatively recently, but has already found a large number of admirers. This happened due to the combination of a formidable appearance and affectionate character, which is not typical for fighting breeds. You can understand your attitude towards such animals after a closer acquaintance. For beginner dog breeders, it is better to choose a different breed. The main parameters of the American Bully breed include:

  1. Animals are comfortable in any team.
  2. Bullies do not respond well to long periods of loneliness.
  3. With a good character, pets like to dominate.
  4. Good with children of all ages.

American Bully – the history of the breed

At the end of the last century, US breeders decided to develop a new breed of companions on the basis of fighting. The dog was supposed to have a frightening exterior and docile nature. The condition was difficult to fulfill, since aggression for a couple of centuries was firmly fixed in the nature of the dogs. However, after spending several years and crossing at least five species, everything worked out. The Bully breed is the result of the painstaking work of dozens of American specialists.

The name from English is translated as a hooligan or a bully. Since initially several people were engaged in breeding work, this led to differences in conformation and colors. To avoid confusion, special clubs were created. The standard includes 4 types of dogs. However, with an increase in numbers at the international level, the breed remains unrecognized.

American Bully – Standard

Animals are in the middle category in size. The exterior shows the features of a pit bull and amstaffam. However, with an impressive size, pets are endowed with dexterity and compactness, in addition, their endurance should be noted. The American Bully dog ​​has the following appearance parameters:

  • weight within 30-58 kg;
  • medium length head has a square shape;
  • ears set high, slightly directed forward;
  • medium-sized, almond-shaped eyes;
  • jaw strong, scissor bite;
  • the body is massive, square;
  • hooked tail set low;
  • strong short limbs;
  • short and moderately hard coat, no undercoat;
  • any color except marble.

american bully standard

American Bully – character

With a harsh exterior, animals have a balanced character. Representatives of the American Bully breed are contact and friendly towards others. They will gladly lie on their backs and close their eyes in anticipation of caresses. Animals will respect all family members, but only one is considered the owner. Bullies are very attached to a person and do not tolerate loneliness very well.

With a good-natured disposition, young males like to dominate, so you need to determine the hierarchy from puppyhood so that the help of a dog handler is not required. They cannot be trained as ideal guards, but their appearance is a deterrent to others. However, when threatened, they are instantly ready to launch an attack. Beginners and people with a weak character are advised to choose other animals.

American Bully – types

Animals are divided into several types, each of which has certain parameters:

  1. Standard. Reference representatives of the breed. The most numerous species. Height is about 40-51 cm.
  2. american bully standard

  3. American Bully Classic. “Lightweight” version of the standard. It differs from other species in the smaller massiveness of the bone.
  4. american bully classic

  5. Pocket (pocket) bully. Feature – small growth up to 43 cm.
  6. american bully pocket

  7. XL bully. This view is above the classic. Growth can reach 57 cm.
  8. american bully XL

  9. Extreme. This species has dropped out of the official list of the American Bully dog ​​breed, but at the same time it has a place to be. Representatives are the most massive and heavy.
  10. american bully extreme

Anyone wondering how much an American Bully costs should know that the price depends on many factors. This includes the pedigree, the place of sale and even the region, because in each country the breed has a different popularity. Currently, in Russia you can find representatives whose prices range from $950 to 1900.

American Bully – content

Dogs are heat-loving animals that love the comfort of city apartments or a private house. It is allowed to keep them outside in warm weather. For rest, the pet should have its own corner with a comfortable sunbed. American Bully black or other colors require long and frequent walking. To maintain health and fitness, the dog needs regular exercise. They go for walks with jogging, wearing a vest with weights on the pet. This will additionally positively affect the appearance of the bully, making it more muscular.

American Bully – care

For health and comfortable existence, adult pets and puppies of the American bully need to carry out the following procedures:

  1. The coat is combed out every week using a stiff-bristled brush.
  2. After a walk, the dog is wiped with a damp towel.
  3. Bathing is carried out rarely and only with the use of a special hygiene product.
  4. Ears are examined every day. The American Bully requires removal of dirt and dust as needed with a cotton pad.
  5. It is important to keep an eye on your eyes at all times. Detected foreign particles are removed with light movements.
  6. Plaque may form on the teeth. Two cleanings a month are enough for removal. Use a special paste and brush.
  7. The nails are cut with a nail cutter. Sharp edges are processed with a nail file.

What to feed the American Bully?

Nutrition is an important component in the proper development of dogs. Owners with experience say that industrial feed or natural products can be used for bullies, the main rule is a balanced diet. Puppies are fed about 5 times, until the age of 12 months. you need to gradually reduce the amount to 2 times. A single serving for a baby is 70 g, for a large pet – 500 g. Feeding dry food is more expensive, because only the premium line has the necessary qualities.

Brands are popular: Canadian-made NOW FRESH, Arden Grange from the UK, Czech-made Brit Care. If we talk about the natural diet of American Bullies, then its basis is dietary meat (preferably boiled beef). It is complemented by:

  • cereals;
  • dairy products;
  • seasonal vegetables and fruits;
  • vegetable oil.

The following products are banned:

  • fish;
  • fatty or spicy foods;
  • bones;
  • potato;
  • milk;
  • raw eggs.

American Bully – muzzle

An important part of the dog’s “ammunition” is the leash and collar. American bully exotic and other species need a muzzle:

  • when visiting a veterinarian;
  • while walking in public places;
  • making a trip in transport;
  • during a workout.

You can achieve a comfortable state of the dog if the muzzle matches the size and shape of the muzzle. Models are distinguished by material, design and size. For American Bullies, you can use the following types:

  1. Deaf. Made from leather or its substitute. Used during training.
  2. deaf muzzle

  3. Mesh leather. They are strips connected by rivets. The advantages include: accessibility and aesthetic appearance.
  4. mesh muzzle for dogs

  5. mesh metal. The model is made in the form of a basket. The most convenient and reliable option.
  6. metal muzzle

  7. plastic or fabric. Mesh options that are attached to the belts.
  8. plastic muzzle

american bully training

Even considering the high level of intelligence, the dog is the easiest to handle. Bully puppies require socialization immediately after the appearance in the house. It is important to create a trusting relationship with unconditional leadership. Any encroachment on the main place in the pack must be upset. Education must be carried out strictly, but without the use of physical force.

Americans during training do not fit common truths, the most unexpected things can become the motivation for them. Understanding what pleases the pet, you can significantly improve the learning process. It is not recommended to allow overwork, it is good if the classes are short, but frequent. If there is no experience, then it is better to contact a professional.

Diseases of the American Bully breed

The relatively recent emergence of the breed has led to the fact that there is no consensus about their health yet. On average, an American mini or standard bully has strong immunity, but sometimes problems may occur:

  • high temperature intolerance;
  • eye diseases;
  • joint dysplasia;
  • problems with teeth;
  • demodicosis.

To minimize the risk of any of these, the American Bully needs frequent check-ups and visits to veterinary clinics. Be sure to vaccinate and treat against parasites. On average, the life span of this breed is 12-13 years, only compliance with all the rules of maintenance and care will help the American Bully stay healthy.