All the useful information on choosing pet feeders in one article: tips for choosing, answers to frequently asked questions and reviews of the best models.


The best feeders for animals and birds

Introducing functional, practical and safe feeders for various pets. An overview of the models that are most in demand among buyers.

Reasons to buy:

  • Remote access;
  • Video communication;
  • Voice guidance;
  • Automatic feed supply.

The universal feeder from ZDK is equipped with a video camera, microphone and speaker, which allows you to monitor your pet online, talk with him from a distance and hear everything that happens at home. The model combines a feeder and a baby monitor for animals.

The equipment is paired with a smartphone via Wi-Fi. Feeding is carried out both automatically according to a pre-set program, and in manual mode. Through the mobile application, you can set the time and amount of feed supplied.

The large capacity of the feeder (6 liters) allows pet owners to leave their pets alone at home for several days. The device is only suitable for dry food. With its spaciousness, it has small dimensions, attracts attention with a stylish modern design.

Reasons to buy:

  • Safe case;
  • An exciting game;
  • Dosed feeding.

Such a feeder is a great solution for pets that quickly swallow food, which negatively affects their digestion. It is also a great opportunity to entertain your pet and stimulate his mental activity.

The essence of interactive feeding is that food is placed under movable caps. The task of the animal is to guess how to get it. This game develops intelligence.

The body of the feeder has a triangular shape without sharp corners. It is made of safe plastic, easy to clean with running water. Suitable for any food of suitable size. Suckers at the bottom protect the feeder from sliding on the floor.

Reasons to buy:

  • Digital control;
  • Full automation;
  • Universal mounting.

The compact device holds up to 100 g of fish food in the form of pellets, flakes or crisps. It automatically feeds the set amount of food to the aquarium at the set time. In the settings, from 1 to 3 feedings per day are available. The presence of a digital display allows the owner to control all the working processes of the automatic feeder.

The triple degree of protection of the feed prevents the negative effects of moisture, sunlight and air on it. Fish food stays fresh for a long time inside the feeder. The presence in the kit of various fasteners and support legs with height adjustment allows you to place the feeder on any type of aquarium, including curved ones.

Reasons to buy:

  • Versatility;
  • Safety;
  • Affordable price.

The Imac food and water dispenser has an ergonomic design. It does not have sharp corners and any other details that can harm animals. The body of the feeder is painted in muted shades of blue, pink, beige or black, which do not discharge pets.

The feeder has a good capacity of 1.5 liters. Thanks to the transparent container, it is easy to track the level of food or drink. By turning the housing, you can adjust the size of the compartment through which the product enters.

The non-slip dispenser feet keep it securely on the surface. And for especially active pets that can knock over the feeder, its cavity can be covered with sand or small stones.

Reasons to buy:

  • Low cost;
  • Two compartments for food;
  • Availability of toys.

The Penn-Plax plastic feeder is not only convenient, but also functional. It is installed inside the cage and is suitable for feeding 1-2 birds.

The feeder is made of safe plastic with a bright design. It has a mirror made of impact-resistant glass, which ensures safety even for aggressive birds. Game beads will especially appeal to such cage dwellers as parrots.

Reasons to buy:

  • Automated water supply;
  • Liquid level control;
  • capacity;
  • Versatility.

The cup drinker is connected to a water supply system or other sources of water supply. It is automatically filled with water up to the set level. The capacity of the bowl is 4 liters – with the constant replenishment of the liquid volume, this makes it suitable even for cattle.

Thanks to the easy cleaning of the container, it can be used not only for water, but also for other liquids (for example, milk for calves), as well as for feed – although you have to load it manually.

The device is resistant to temperature extremes, which means it is suitable not only for indoors, but also for the street. Thanks to the fasteners included in the kit, the drinker-feeder can be installed on any surface.

How to choose the best feeder

Feeders are selected according to the type of animal. On sale there are both universal devices and specialized ones – designed for one type.

Feeders for pets can be:

  • Automated – independently serve food at a set time.
  • Bunker or dispensers – installations in which food is poured into a container from a bunker mechanically.
  • Manual – ordinary bowls in which food is superimposed by a person.

A separate type can be considered interactive feeders that turn feeding into an educational game. Animals independently extract food from the device, which also prevents the rapid ingestion of food.

Products made of toxic, pungent plastic are unlikely to appeal to pets. Equally important is the stability of the structure. The presence of fasteners, suction cups or weights will be an indisputable plus.

Frequently asked Questions

How high should a dog feeder be?


For dogs of medium and large breeds, it is advisable to use coasters for bowls. Their height is adjusted relative to the growth of the animal. It is optimal if the upper edge of the feeder is located at the level of the pet’s chest.

Why can’t drinkers and cat feeders be placed side by side?


Many cats refuse to drink water from a bowl next to their food. This is inherent in the instincts of the animal, as in the wild they try to eat away from water sources so that bacteria from the remains do not get into them.

How to choose a rodent feeder?


The most important thing is that the feeder is resistant to mechanical stress. The craving of hamsters, rats, guinea pigs and other similar animals to gnaw everything around determines the need to purchase feeders made of metal, ceramics or durable rounded plastic so that there is nothing to grab onto with your teeth.

How to choose a reptile feeder?


In reptile feeders, stability is most important. Since they are placed at the bottom of the cage, the animal will repeatedly crawl, stomp on them, and may knock over the food. It is good if the container can be dug a little or attached to the wall.