Having appeared in the house, the cat occupies a special place in the heart of the owner, conquering with a unique combination of beauty, tenderness and habits, forgetting about which, the newly-made owner risks the interior. Although cats have long been domesticated by humans and are among the most popular pets, many of their needs are the same as those of their wild ancestors, including the need to sharpen claws, climb, hunt. Therefore, in addition to the choice of food, bowls, trays and cat litter, cat owners face another difficult task – the organization of leisure and activity of the pet. After all, this is the only way to make a cat really happy, and at the same time protect furniture from the indefatigable energy of a fidget.

The game complex will cope with this mission best of all. Unlike a simple scratching post, this structure for cats has a slightly larger area, and therefore is more stable, due to which even those cats that do not recognize ordinary scratching posts are often favorable to it. In addition, even basic play complexes, as a rule, attract the attention of pets much better, as they include not only a scratching post, but also a sunbed or a house, and often a toy. The best representatives of the middle and premium classes are often equipped with a large number of levels, several beds or hammocks and other climbing and playing components that are attractive to cats that can keep a pet occupied for a long time, and also help to get everything that domestic cats are most often deprived of.

TOP 5 best complexes for cats

5 “Meridian” with a shelf and a house 32x32x63cm

The basic gaming complex of a domestic company can be a good solution for the most economical. This is the most affordable option with a real house where the cat can hide, sleep and play, which compares favorably with ordinary scratching posts and slightly cheaper play complexes without a house. The presence of a cozy “mink” will undoubtedly attract the attention of a pet. This play complex is perfect for energetic kittens and medium-sized cats, as it is quite compact and equipped with a jute scratching post, a rather wear-resistant, but not too rough material. The house and shelf are made of chipboard and fiberboard and covered with pleasant faux fur, the color of which can be chosen from as many as six variations.

Many buyers appreciate the gaming complex as a worthy inexpensive option, but it is important to remember that it belongs to the budget class and, like any option that costs less than a couple of – three thousand rubles, is short-lived and has only the most basic equipment. Therefore, it is recommended to supplement it with a toy or bedding for the house.

4 Fauna International Limbo 45x45x79cm

Limbo is a stylish two-level play set from the popular brand Fauna International, famous for its high level of craftsmanship and reliability. This Australian development belongs to the middle price segment and, unlike more affordable gaming complexes, is made of really high quality, thanks to which it will decorate any room and last for many years. In addition, the manufacturer did not stint on materials, equipping this cute place for cats with a durable sisal scratching post, a fairly large bed that resembles a royal throne, and even a spacious tunnel with a window. The latter is a rare and very useful element, inherent mainly only in the best premium gaming complexes and designed for active games.

A notable advantage, highly appreciated by cat lovers, is the optimal dimensions, thanks to which Limbo is suitable not only for miniature, but also for quite large cats and even Maine Coons. At the same time, the complex is comfortable and durable enough for several energetic pets.

3 Fauna International Sagrada 54x36x128cm

The play complex with the sonorous name Sagrada is an excellent alternative to a number of houses and shelves, a model that can easily handle the entertainment of both one and several pets. This stylish building for cats consists of four carefully selected levels and includes three shelves, an elegant lounger at a height of 128 centimeters from the floor, a cute little house with a comfortable sloping roof, and even a miniature tree with twigs, lined with plush and hung with cute mice, which will sway from side to side with the slightest movement and, of course, will not go unnoticed by cats.

Despite such a rich content, the game complex is quite compact and will fit anywhere without any problems, and will also become an interior decoration thanks to its original, but still universal design with a pleasant combination of colors, presented in two variations. Thus, this model is chosen, first of all, for the best combination of diversity and dimensions, as well as high quality and versatility.

2 Trixie Tarragona 62x52x162cm

The five-level anthracite Tarragona playground complex from a reliable German manufacturer known for quality pet products resembles a full-fledged palace and is very popular with cats. Its main advantages over all sorts of analogues, even those that also belong to the premium class, are high wear resistance, reliable design and a large selection of places that can comfortably accommodate not only one, but even seven to nine cats. After all, the development of Tarragona is equipped with four shelves, one of which flaunts a spacious house with an entrance, a large window and a flat roof suitable for relaxing and playing, as well as a soft bench on the highest fifth floor and two spacious sun loungers.

At the same time, the Tarragona model is complemented by a toy, and its beautiful light columns are covered with durable sisal and act as a scratching post. Therefore, this play complex will not only give pets a sense of security, comfort and a lot of positive emotions, but also protect furniture from their claws and teeth.

When choosing a play complex for their beloved cat, most people first of all think about the number of levels and add-ons, as well as the price and color. In the first case, you can safely adhere to the slogan “the more the better”, since cats, as a rule, are ready to jump from shelf to shelf indefinitely. The other two are purely individual and matter more to the owner than to the cat. But there is another important aspect – wear resistance.

1 Trixie Nataniel 119x79x228-268cm

The undisputed leader among the elite models and the best solution for all cats is considered to be the development of the German brand Trixie called Nataniel. This vast play complex, the height of a full-fledged young tree, rises to the very ceiling, and therefore is even equipped with a special ceiling mount. The luxury development is ideal for a home where, in addition to cats, there are also dogs and children. After all, Nataniel will allow miniature pets to climb to a height of up to 268 centimeters, away from everything that can scare them, but at the same time they will always remain in sight and will delight the owner’s eye with their exquisite cat manners.

This play complex has everything a cat needs. Four full shelves, a house, a platform with a removable bed, two hammocks, one of which is equipped with a pillow, provide a wide choice of places to sleep, and the pillow and removable bed are washable. Four sisal columns are complemented by a wave-shaped slide with carpet, so that even a nitpicker can choose a scratching post to their liking.