For carefree and calm walks with your pet, you need a good leash. The best models from leading brands are in our TOP.


The best leashes for dogs and cats

The leash is bought based on the individual characteristics of the animal. This is the most important element of training and containment, therefore, when choosing, the weight and breed of the pet, as well as its behavior on the street, are taken into account.

For aggressive large dogs, durable tape products are suitable. Small breeds prefer a light cable with a high winding speed.

Many people are afraid to let the cat out alone and prefer to walk it on a special leash. Such an accessory is useful not only for ordinary trips to the park, but also for long-distance travel, as well as visiting a veterinary clinic.

Reasons to buy:

  • strength;
  • reliable fixation;
  • a light weight;
  • compact dimensions.

The Flexi Design Classic cable leash is designed for walking pets weighing up to 8 kg. The plastic body is made in black with colored inserts. The thin rope does not fray, and its length is automatically adjusted.

To fully control the behavior of the dog, the model is equipped with an ergonomic braking system button. The patented mechanism works like clockwork and guarantees ease of use.

The total length of the rope is 3 m. A stylish and functional accessory allows you to quickly respond to unexpected movements of your pet and is considered one of the best in terms of price and quality.

Reasons to buy:

  • wear resistance;
  • simple adjustment;
  • interesting design;
  • affordable price.

The Freego roulette is equipped with a Japanese mechanism that ensures smooth winding of the tape and eliminates tangling and twisting of the leash. The light plastic case is decorated with an original pattern. The pattern is applied using an innovative technology that protects colors from fading and fading.

The manufacturer offers two types of roulette: S for dogs weighing up to 12 kg and M for pets up to 23 kg. The length of both structures is 3 m. The carbine can withstand a load that is four times the weight of the pet. In the presence of an anatomical handle and a button for fixing the leash, which simplifies control over the animal.

The leash automatically retracts when the pet runs up to the owner, and unwinds if he rushes forward. A person does not get his hands dirty trying to pull the leash from under the paws of the animal, and can provide his four-legged friend with real comfort during a walk.

Reasons to buy:

  • high strength;
  • minimal injury risk;
  • bright color.

Red nylon walker is a loop with a steel carabiner. The elastic model is elastic and resistant to mechanical damage.

The material from which it is made does not fade, does not fade in the sun and retains an attractive appearance throughout the entire period of operation. The pet in this leash feels comfortable and confident.

The walker leash allows you to keep your dog at a short distance and control his behavior at any time.

Reasons to buy:

  • durable, easy to clean material;
  • wide straps;
  • complete safety for the cat.

The cat walker consists of a soft fabric ring connected by a strap and fixed on the neck, chest and under the lower legs. A nylon harness prevents the animal from escaping and does not rub. The length of the complete leash is 1.5 m.

Cats are freedom-loving animals, so they need to be taught to wear a harness gradually. Experts recommend introducing the pet to the product at the age of 6 months, putting it on regularly for a few minutes. After 3-5 days, when the cat is completely used to the accessory, you can fasten the leash and poison yourself for a walk.

Reasons to buy:

  • adjustable size;
  • soft breathable fabric;
  • light weight;
  • optimal lead length.

The harness is sewn from a multi-colored mesh and edged with a strong elastic band. The girth of the chest and neck is adjustable with Velcro and a plastic fastener. The leash is equipped with a steel carabiner and shock absorber.

The model is complemented by a bell, which will not let the animal get lost if you let it off the leash. The harness itself has a large margin of safety, is easy to wash and dries quickly.

The product evenly distributes the load from the leash on the shoulders and chest of the pet, and a well-thought-out adjustment system allows you to adjust the size to the parameters of the animal.

How to choose a leash

The stores have a huge selection of leashes that differ in purpose, price and quality. When buying, you can not rely only on the appearance, which many do. It is necessary to make a choice, taking into account the physical form and character of the pet.

Among the wide range, it is worth highlighting the leashes that are especially popular.

Cable and tape roulettes

The tape measure automatically fixes the length, does not get tangled and takes up little space. But each model has strengths and weaknesses. The cables are light, compact, quickly wound up and are not very expensive. Unfortunately, with a strong jerk, the cable can get tangled or cut the pet, so it is not recommended for large aggressive animals. The tape is less traumatic and attracts with its durability.


This is a small loop with a carabiner that allows you to keep your dog close in crowded places. Designed for large adult animals.

Harnesses with a leash

In the classic form, the harness is two belts fixed at certain points that encircle the chest under the front paws and the back of the animal. The leash is attached at the level of the withers. This design allows the pet to move freely and breathe.

But in the case of harnesses, it is important to choose the right size. Each product must be marked in the form of Latin letters corresponding to a specific breed and weight category:

  • XS – dwarf;
  • S – small;
  • M – medium;
  • L – large;
  • XL is giant.

The length of the leash itself depends on the purpose of use. For exhibitions, models with a length of no more than 1 m are recommended, for walks – from 2 to 5 m.

Frequently asked Questions

What materials are leashes made from?


In the production of walking leashes, different materials are used. The main thing is that they are wear-resistant, not too hard and at the same time flexible enough. Popular options are natural and artificial leather, tarpaulin and nylon.

Which manufacturers produce the best pet leashes?


Purchasing activity confirms that the best manufacturers of leashes are Flexi, Triol, VIPet. The products of these brands are strong, ergonomic, durable, distinguished by aesthetic appeal and quality.