Quality clothes will protect your pet from the cold, especially if it is short-haired, and will also make a cat or a cat a real fashionista, giving it a stylish look.

cat costume

The best clothes for cats and cats

We have selected practical and beautiful things for adult cats and babies. They are easy to put on and do not irritate the skin of the animal.

Reasons to buy:

  • natural material;
  • Convenient fastening on a belt;
  • Soft.

A terry bathrobe will keep your pet warm after swimming or walking in cold weather. It is 100% natural cotton, so it does not irritate the pet’s skin and is suitable even for sphinxes.

The product perfectly absorbs moisture and dries quickly. It warms the cat if she is cold at home. This model can be used for male and female cats, and it is also bought for small breed dogs.

The dressing gown looks very funny, and the pets, accustomed to clothes, then even sleep in it without feeling discomfort. It washes well and after drying it looks like new – fluffy, soft and beautiful.

Reasons to buy:

  • Quality tailoring;
  • Beautiful design;
  • The presence of a hood.

The top of the suit is made of 100% cotton, the inserts are made of polyester, and the lining is acrylic. There are pockets on the hind legs, and the front ones are decorated with ribbons tied into a bow. The hood is sewn comfortably – it does not fall and does not interfere with the animal when walking, while it is quite deep.

The costume itself looks like it is separate pants and a jumper, but in fact the product is one-piece and is more like a jumpsuit. The thing is not put on quickly, but it sits just perfectly, without restricting the cat’s movements, and without disturbing it.

All the seams inside are soft – the animal does not press or rub anything. The inside is pleasant to the touch. The suit holds heat well and withstands regular washing.

Reasons to buy:

  • Retains body heat well;
  • Elastic neck;
  • Bright colors.

Warm and very soft turtleneck is easy to put on the animal, thanks to good stretchability. At the same time, the product does not deform and does not stretch over time, but keeps its shape.

Knitwear is very soft and pleasant to the touch, in it the cat will be warm and cozy. The New Year’s print will give the owners a festive mood, and their pet will be protected from the cold and wind.

The thing is washed off easily, and even after regular washes, the material does not become covered with spools and does not “sit down”. This is an ideal option for accustoming a pet to clothes, because the sweater is put on very quickly and does not interfere with the movements of the cat.

There are no hard and traumatic parts on it, it is good for bald and smooth-haired breeds. But for beauty, golf can also be worn on a fluffy cat.

Reasons to buy:

  • Complete set of police uniform;
  • Large selection of sizes;
  • Pleasant to the touch fabric.

The model is sold in four sizes: S, M, L, XL for cats of different ages and builds. In addition to the costume, which is worn on the front paws, the kit includes a cap.

The hands of the “cop” are not real, and the front paws of the cat act as his legs. From the outside, it looks very funny, as if the cat is walking on its hind legs. Of course, this is not an everyday outfit, but you can joke and sometimes cheer yourself up. What’s more, this set is inexpensive.

How to choose clothes for a cat

The main thing you need to pay attention to when choosing clothes for a cat is comfort. Things should not hinder the movement of the animal and cause him discomfort.

Choose the size of the suit so that the clothes do not hang out and do not fit the animal’s body too much. Before going to the store, take measurements – this will greatly facilitate the choice. You will need the following parameters:

  • neck girth,
  • height from the back to the top of the paw,
  • distance from the base of the tail to the neck,
  • distance between pairs of paws.

Always check the inside of the garment for softness by running it across your cheek. If no roughness, pricklyness or other discomfort is felt, then the cat will like such clothes.

Also pay attention to the seams and all kinds of fasteners – there should be a minimum number of them. Any hard protrusions and accessories rub the delicate skin of the animal and painfully cling to the coat.

How to train a cat to wear clothes

It is best to do this from an early age. Having walked along the street a couple of times in winter, the kitten will get used to the clothes. But the pet, who went “undressed” all his life, and now is forced to wear a suit, will definitely protest.

It is not easy to train an adult cat, and you will have to resort to training. The fitting is done when the pet is calm. If the cat is aggressive and actively opposes you, then postpone dressing for later. You can’t force an animal into a suit. So you can once and for all discourage him from even getting close to “his” wardrobe.

You need to dress the cat as quickly as possible, but at the same time carefully. Fasten your clothes with extreme care, because any painful sensation (wool gets into the lock, skin is scratched, etc.) will lead to fear and reluctance to dress.

When obedient, the cat needs to be rewarded with a treat. Getting used to things can take up to 3 months, but it all depends on the nature and breed of the animal. Do not skimp on praise and constantly stroke your pet, calming and supporting him.

Frequently asked Questions

Why do cats need clothes?


Clothes are bought not only for beauty, as it may seem, but also for reasons of practicality. A fluffy cat who does not go outside, of course, does not need it. But it is very useful for an active animal to wear clothes. It will protect it from cold and high humidity, dirt and even ticks. Clothes for cats of hairless breeds are very relevant, because they freeze even at home, if it is not very warm there.

Why does a cat seem to lose its paws when it is in clothes?


This may be due to the fact that things put a lot of pressure on the scruff of the neck, and the instinct is triggered in the cat, in which he involuntarily tightens his paws. In any case, this behavior of the pet clearly indicates discomfort. Either the size is wrong, or the style does not fit.

The cat tears its clothes


Perhaps the fitting was too aggressive, or abrupt, without preparation. Or the suit is chosen not in size, and the animal feels obvious discomfort. Choose a more comfortable style and try to gently train your cat following the guidelines above.